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Grant Boshoff - Author

Whilst not having written for almost three decades I never lost that gnawing inside me. As a kid growing up in South Africa I wrote essays with abandon and whilst harboring almost no other artistic skills I found writing to be my one creative indulgence. But soon came rugby, then girls, and within a few short years that creative flame had been all but replaced by a passion for surfing, fast cars & motorbikes (and girls, of course). Some years later, and a continent away, a girl came along – a very particular girl – and my prior passions became eclipsed. I don’t mind admitting that I cast aside my personal needs and devoted myself to the pursuit of making this beautiful creature happy. We started a family and built a business. Together we pursued both our individual and mutual dreams. She sculpted. I drove race cars. We lived, and loved, and laughed, and created a lifetime of memories. Yet, hidden inside, never revealed to even her, lay my long dormant ember of creativity, it’s dusky glow falling upon the odd letter or email or marketing piece. But being the very particular girl that she is, she saw the glow, and teased it out of me, carefully breathing life back into it in the manner that only she can – and those that know her will understand. So now twenty four years, four children, two grandchildren, business career, and race-car driving career later I return to my early love, to the creative indulgence of the written word. Though I write partly for me, what I write is for you. And I hope that in my writing you find not only enjoyment and entertainment, but possibly also a thread of wistfulness that might fan a dormant ember in you.